My Body is…

My Body is…


My body is a temple           come on

scuff up dust,

pound on my Music Gate                    I said


My body is a temple

fire innuendos at my columns,

toss overtones over the Water Gate                   I said


My body is a temple

strut up the Twelve Steps, crackle gold lacquer,

spill oils and wines that aren’t needed here,

crawl through my Wood Chamber until splinters prick


My body is a temple

defecate on the Eastern Wall,

smear it on the Beautiful Gate

while I crouch here in the Women’s Hall


Rampage through the courts,

The Porch, Brazen Altar, Sanctuary

into my most Holy Place                                                             because


My body is a temple


and I feed it,

preen, clean it

fight to succeed at being me in it


and I’m a temple to use

any way you please –

ain’t that what temples are for?


and, running into


My little…


My little body pony body ogre body wrestling body face and

body hair body liquid body naked body safe body

my little job-free body/key-tapping body

tipping trapping fingers body

the body hard-fought/the body hard-thought

your body/my body


Your locked-up unbarred body

my spacious chock-full body

some unknown knowing bodies

brimming bodies brimming bodies brimming bodies brimming bodies


My little-big big-little big solid she body

my Medusa – sylph and Siren – backlash, cartoon woman’s body

seam-threaded legs arms hooks and knotted spider body:


that takes yours

turns it

kisses it

and eats it

like night eating a moon