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In January, I was incredibly pleased to find out I was successful in my application for a grant from the Arts Council to develop my creative practise, which included more work on my one-person theatre piece.

In the following six months this will mean I can receive mentoring and dramaturgical support from Ross Sutherland (writer/performer, working across theatre, film and radio), I can explore the work in the rehearsal room with Kate Hall (Creative Producer of Jumped Up Theatre) and that I can experiment with a sound designer and filmmaker from the One to One Development Trust.

The first stage of the project was to embark on a week-long course with Bryony Kimmings in Brighton. Bryony has a reputation for making influential autobiographical theatre, especially relating to mental health and to women and is currently at Battersea Arts Centre with ‘I’m A Pheonix Bitch.

The course was excellent (quite apart from completely falling for Brighton.) Bryony took us through a series of questions and tasks that led to us thoroughly investigating what work we wanted to create and how we would present it. This included rigorously testing out ideas on the rest of the group, including what theatrical form would be best used (not only for the entire piece, but the individual sections) and examining what response the sections would have on the audience. One of the many things I found refreshing was how we were led to explore sometimes unexpected avenues for presenting the work and to think big and not squash aspirations for it.

I can’t recommend Bryony’s course enough and have come away with a whole new show in progress, some valuable ways to approach my existing work and loads of ideas buzzing about. It was great to share the process with others on the course. We’re all keen to follow each others’ progress and see the end results.

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