My Body is…

My Body is…


My body is a temple           come on

scuff up dust,

pound on my Music Gate                    I said


My body is a temple

fire innuendos at my columns,

toss overtones over the Water Gate                   I said


My body is a temple

strut up the Twelve Steps, crackle gold lacquer,

spill oils and wines that aren’t needed here,

crawl through my Wood Chamber until splinters prick


My body is a temple

defecate on the Eastern Wall,

smear it on the Beautiful Gate

while I crouch here in the Women’s Hall


Rampage through the courts,

The Porch, Brazen Altar, Sanctuary

into my most Holy Place                                                             because

My body is a temple


and I feed it,

preen, clean it

fight to succeed at being me in it


and I’m a temple to use

any way you please –

ain’t that what temples are for?


and, running into


My little…


My little body pony/ body ogre/ body wrestling/ body face

body hair/ body liquid /body naked /body safe body

my little job-free body/key-tapping body

tipping trapping fingers body

the body hard-fought/the body hard-thought

cry body/my body


steady body /people pleasing/everybody knowing body

ordered body/messy body/older body/latest body

the body named framed body/body strange/strange body

twisting body/air body/ ball body/landing body

mother body /daughter body/ lover body/ any body

big/little sister solid/liquid cartoon backlash body


brimming body brimming body brimming bodies brimming bodies

brimming bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies bodies…